The aim is to present facts in bite-sized chunks. The wall is the first touchpoint for our visitors, so we don’t want to overload them. It’s an invitation to them to continue the journey through the museum,” says Pinacotheque’s chief executive Suguna Madhavan, who worked with a team of designers for 18 months to develop its Museum Of The Future concept.

The newly opened Singapore Pinacotheque de Paris private museum on Fort Canning Hill will welcome you with sleek panels that flash and light up with information and digital images. There’s also an 8m-long interactive wall that has audio clips, pictures and factoids about artists on display on the marbled corridor.
“We wanted to use technology as a platform to draw out the beauty of art, add layers of storytelling and provide a fun, immersive experience for our visitors,” she adds.
They will soon launch a mobile application that can detect visitor’s location using motion sensors and sends them information about the art that they are viewing at the moment.
At least nine major museums and galleries in Singapore have turned to interactive technology such as touch screens and mobile apps to retain visitors and encourage new ones just like the trend in London and New York.
Last month, $21 million Indian Heritage Centre enable museumgoers to access roleplaying games and interactive screens. They can also borrow handheld device and experience a virtual guide through the exhibition.
“Technology allows our visitors to discover more about objects that pique their interest, gives them more information and makes the museum experience more immersive… it also makes the exhibits attractive and relevant to younger audiences,” says a spokesman for the National Heritage Board, which oversees the centre.
More museums are undergoing revamp and will also deploy technology like the Asisan Civilisation Museum and the National Museum of Singapore – which will also launch a mobile application. Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, which opened in April enable museumgoers to access video clips via interactive touch screens and download a mobile app to learn more about dinosaur bones.*
These are just some of the museums that are going hi-tech. With the popularity of social media and mobile phones, the museums took the right decision to enhance their galleries and go with the digital trend. Technology allows museumgoers to experience a more interactive and fun tour. This will encourage more people especially the young ones to visit the museums. Through the mobile applications, audio clips, photos, videos and touch technology, visitors will definitely enjoy their stay.
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