The latest version of Moodle is now available. Version 2.6 can be seen on Moodle’s download site or your local git wizard.
This new update took 6 months with the help of Moodle’s community. Over 120 developers worldwide and about 20 in Moodle HQ have helped in improving this new release.
Moodle 2.6 contains hundreds of improvements and fixes that address requests from the community, but the major ones are split in two basic categories: usability improvements that improve how Moodle functions from a user point of view and performance improvements that allow Moodle to run faster and better in a wider range of software environments.

  • Usability improvements: improved responsive behaviour for all types of devices, clean new course editing interfaces, annotation of PDF assignment submissions, improved course management, a more user-friendly text editor, additional name fields, a new course format that lets you make a course out of any single activity, support for non-Gregorian calendars and much more.
  • Performance improvements: new options for handling sessions using backends like memcached, full support for PHP OPcache, faster admin menus, improvements on MS SQL and Maria DB and more.

Below is an overview video of the new features of Moodle 2.6

With this new Moodle version, ACP can provide better LMS service to its clients and further establish e-learning as a legitimate source of knowledge acquisition.
You can check out ACP’s Moodle Services by clicking here.