Performance is the outcome of an individual at the end of work, study, or activities on a daily basis. It is the one that is evaluated to determine the outcome of the work done. Monitoring and evaluating performance is a must to see and to identify what are the things that needed improvement and the things we must continue doing.
Monitoring performance determines an individual’s strength and weaknesses. Institutions measure performance not just by identifying results but behaviors as well. Managing these performances is drafted to maximize and strengthen individual’s performance to achieve institution’s goals and objectives.
Through E-Learning, it is easier to balance and manage a student’s performance, allowing you to see what they have been doing including the time duration of the things they have done. E-Learning is one key to deliver performance management that is monitored after a certain syllabus or course to determine students’ end result and output throughout the program. Feedback might also be a good part of this monitoring; you are capable to know what is there to improve on your system that could affect the performance of your students in a good way. It will be easier to them to understand and to access training modules that will help their output improved more than what they did previously.
Monitoring performance tackles the things that they have learned and creates the feedback, answering your objectives and identifying that needs for improvement. Analyzing end result through E-Learning is an advanced way for educational institutions to grade and assess what are the students’ performances.
Succeeding strategies are analyzed through this E-Learning process by monitoring and recording the end results. Prior to the next strategies and ways you will develop, planning the next keys to put in the modules and manuals are must; and they are predetermined by the monitored output or results.