The era of dumb phones has come to an end. Everyone is getting smartphones such as iPhones and Androids regardless of their tech savviness. Access to quick information has made this movement possible. As a result, mobile websites are getting much more traffic forcing mobile website developers to put extra care in their webpage design.
Below are some considerations to think of as a mobile web developer.

  1. mobile considerations 2The mobile website will probably have a desktop website counterpart and viewers will most likely expect the same from the mobile version. It is possible to put the same features on both sites but keep in mind that you must utilize the limited space mobile devices offer. For example, the usual search capabilities of your desktop site must be revised in order to be user friendly in the mobile version.
  2. There is a reason why you’re creating another version of your website. Don’t treat the two platforms as one and the same. Mobile websites are designed to give instant access to information regarding the product or service you are offering. You’re not going to have the same leeway compared to your desktop version so thread with caution when putting to much information.
  3. mobile considerations 1With the massive number of mobile devices out there, compatibility is going to be a major concern. Learn the possible methods in which a user can access your site. The resolutions of the mobile devices range from a measly 320p up to high def 1080p. By knowing to adapt your website to these viewing windows, you will be able to create a user friendly mobile website.
  4. With the above in mind, you must take great care of the size and visibility of image and videos to be displayed on your site. Using different sources for your images with different resolutions can dramatically decrease loading time for you users. No point in using a high res image on a low res phone.

The above mentioned are just a couple of reminders in order to create an excellent mobile website. Considering the aforementioned can positively affect your mobile website.
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