Mobile devices now account for 20% of web traffic in the United States. Here in Singapore, there is 7.2 million mobile subscribers, this is 2 million more than the actual population. WiFi hotspots and 3G networks have made browsing the web on the go much easier. With that in mind, having a mobile presence it not just an option anymore but a valid requirement for everyone who has a website. Top CMS providers are even providing mobile CMS service alongside their existing CMS pro service.
There are a lot of mobile CMS providers to choose from and this is ideal since it opens up various approaches to website building. But whatever the approach is, an effective tool is needed to manage the content.
Direct Website
A very common approach by most companies is to direct the mobile users to their standard PC viewing website. This has a positive short term effect as it saves them money and time but it can negatively affect their consumers viewing experience.
Mobile browsing is a very different beast compared to the usual PC. Mobile users use their fingers or a stylus while PC users have a mouse. With smaller screens and add to the fact that our fingers also take up space, pinching and zooming are the main things you do when viewing a mobile website without mobile CMS integration.
If they really don’t a specific design for their mobile counterpart, companies should at least do some minor revisions that would make it easier for mobile users to view their site. The layout and size of the icons can go a long way towards improving the viewing experience.
Real Mobile Website
Having a mobile website is the ideal way to treat mobile users. These sites provide users with information in an easily digestible format, showing pertinent data and information to reduce screen clutter in the mobile device. Top CMS providers have a way to easily manage and show new data for viewers of the mobile site. They can also optimize for mobile phones and tablets. A mobile CMS allows organization to upload content quickly and efficiently to the mobile website and even at the PC optimized site simultaneously.
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