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Learners Online, Online Producers

The concept of e-learning has been around since the early days of the internet. In fact, one of the core foundation concepts of the modern internet was and remains information exchange and management. For a long time, the internet has been used globally to teach and to learn.

However, for many years, e-learning has been hampered by a lack of centralized E-cosystem. While learners and content producers could connect to each other, much of it relied upon proactive action from either side.

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Connect the world’s learners with the world’s teachers under a single roof

The core concept of LOOP is a simple, yet effective and vital one; connect the world’s learners with the world’s teachers under a single roof.

Thus, LOOP was developed as a one-stop learning hub for every kind of e-learning imaginable.

It provides immediate training access.

No more training tag time from new employees, start a training course at any moment.

It ensures better learning, cultivates better performances, and awarding better outcomes.

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