Christmas season is definitely here! Everyone is excited for the annual light-up tradition at Orchard Road. Families walk down the road and take pictures of the beautifully decorated road. And who will not be thrilled for the festive feast? Singaporeans are known to be food lovers and Christmas will not be complete without the sumptuous feast they have at home or at restaurants.
Aside from the decorations and food, there’s one more tradition during the Christmas season – Gift giving! And gift giving means more shopping. During the last two months of the year,  customers are busy with their works, children, social events and other tasks.
This will be a great opportunity for the business owners to reach their busy and internet-savvy customers. Through online shopping, customers can check and purchase products without going to the crowded malls. This is the season to up sell since most of the people are spending more during Christmas. With all of the Christmas bazaars around, can you say that you are business-ready for the holidays?
Do you have the great-big-deal of the season? Give your customers a promotion or discount that will make them feel that they get more than what they purchase. Value for money is really important during this season. You have to be unique and competitive with other enterprises.
Are you online? Everyone owns a smartphone and/or tablet. Customers use this every day and this is where they get information instantly. During Christmas season, they use this to review and purchase products online. That is why online presence is essential so that your customers will be able to find you.
Do you have an e-commerce store? Presence online is just a step towards reaching your customers. Your social media accounts can only do so much like brand awareness, promotion announcements, and other advertising activities. Having a website with an e-commerce store will allow you to sell 24/7. This will let your customers to purchase products or services online giving them the convenience to shop anytime they want. Do not disappoint them and make sure shipping dates and return policies are clearly communicated.
Are your contents right for the season? This is the time to be updated with the current trends. Your marketing and communications plan should be appealing for the season. Consumers are very attached to their devices monitoring for great deals and offers. Automated and integrated marketing is helpful for you. This will enable your website and social media accounts to have  undeviating contents to avoid information clutter.
Having web presence is essential in this generation most especially during the Christmas season. It gives your business the advantage to reach your customers not only through your stores but as well as in the marketplace online.