As ACP works to incorporate innovation and new technology into the workplace and schools as part of our company profile, we also take on interns to allow them an opportunity to experience what it is like working with us.
Recently three student interns from Hong Kong came on-board for a three month internship stint. We took a little time off to have a chat with them on their experience living and working in Singapore.
Jasmine Zhao:

Jasmine Zhao
“Doing an internship helps me gain practical knowledge from the reality of the working world, which is completely different experience from learning theoretical knowledge in school. An internship in a foreign country pushes me outside of my comfort zone. I take it as a chance to strengthen both my professional skills and personal capabilities.
Working as a training intern, I am given plenty of opportunities to learn the art of effective information delivery  The deadlines in the real world are tighter and thanks to the responsibilities and independence given by my supervisor, I have the valuable chance to learn time management skills.
Singapore is a country with various ethnic groups and mixed cultural backgrounds. Most Singaporeans are multilingual. It is an interesting phenomenon that they can switch to other languages while speaking without realizing it themselves.”
Gary Chan:
Gary Chan
“The internship at ACP has allowed me to learn a lot about the cycle and processes in developing a big scale project.  I can also learn something new such as web programming languages and their frameworks. Most importantly is the actual work experience that shows me more about working in the field of IT and will be very useful in finding a job when I graduate.
Coming from Hong Kong, many people tend to compare it with Singapore. This opportunity allows me to personally see the difference between the two countries and learn more about Singapore – a place many say is well-developed in the IT industry.
Some of the MRT stations in Singapore are really close, I can walk from one station to other in less than 10 minutes, but in Hong Kong is hard to find stations that are close to each other. Moreover, we don’t have hawker centers in Hong Kong but a lot in Singapore, there are many great places that provide delicious food at low prices.”
Rex Ran:
Rex Ran
“University can be quite theoretical and an internship is my first opportunity to apply the knowledge to the real world. While some of the theories are very familiar to me, I have rarely seen the real impact of those theories. Working at ACP gives me the opportunity to develop and learn the interpersonal skills that I need to work effectively with. Internships allow me to explore all the possibilities and come away with an experience that I will never forget.
After studying in Hong Kong for several years, I wanted to do an internship overseas and Singapore is very ideal for building international experience. The environment here is great and it has several of the best universities in Asia. I know I can definitely learn a lot while interning here.
Many think there are many similarities between Singapore and Hong Kong. I think the biggest difference is that Singapore is much more diversified. I feel the differences among the different ethnicity are treated in a more harmonious way here. I feel quite fortunate that I have to opportunity to work in a diversified environment. “