ACP ensures that our trainers are in the know on the latest innovations in technology and we frequently conduct internal training sessions to keep our trainers up to date. Recently our training department conducted two training sessions for our staff. These sessions were for AppMakr and Google Sites to keep our trainers updated and informed of the latest changes and new innovations with the software.
APPMAKR Session:
AppMakr Training (1)AppMakr Training (2) AppMakr Training (3)

Google Sites Training (1)Google Sites Training (2)Google Sites Training (3)

AppMakr and Google Sites  are two of our courses that are part of ACP’s Codation initiative. Codation aims to be an innovator in providing the newest and latest range of coding courses to today’s youth. Coding has become a vital professional skill and our mission is to be the perpetuator of this skill.
* Develop skills in the computer science industry
* Encourages Computational Thinking
* Teaches problem solving skills
* Software is the new language of the world
* The next generation will be even more digital
* Prepare for future ready jobs
* Expands creativity
* Sets kids onboard for early success
* IT jobs will grow by 22% through 2020
* The ability to change the world
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