100+ Interactions

Works on Desktop and Mobile Devices

These interactions are great for desktop computers and mobile devices like an iPad! The games can be downloaded in multiple formats: Adobe Flash and HTML 5.

Branded Themes

Choose from tons of pre-designed themes to create a professional brand. You can also mix and match theme elements.

See how easy it is to create eLearning Interactions!

Building eLearning interactions is easy! Create everything online and then download a file to insert in your eLearning course. No programming skills or software needed!

1. Choose an Interaction Open the Interaction Builder and choose from a library of eLearning interactions, games, and quizzes. (Tabs, bars, time lines, hot spots, game shows, sports, draggers, flashcards, knowledge checks, and more!)

  • No IT department needed… No software to install (we’re just a website)!
  • No programming skills needed.
  • No plug-ins.

2. Insert your Text and Images
Just input your text into the website editor. Quickly add and position an image and even add audio.
Format the text any way you’d like. (Color, bolding, italics, fonts, size, hyperlinks, bullets, and more.)
Your image automatically re-sizes to fit the interaction.

3. Apply a Theme
Choose from a library of themes to make your interaction look awesome!

  • Choose from tons of pre-built themes.
  • Change the colors of the buttons and backgrounds.
  • Upload your own background images.
  • Mix and match button styles and backgrounds to create your own theme.
  • Save a theme to use later.

4. Download and Use
After creating your eLearning interaction masterpiece it’s time to use it. Just click the Download button to download your interaction. The file output is a single Flash file (.swf), an HTML 5 package, or a Lectora Library Object.


Need a way to make your training course more entertaining? Everyone is always looking for ways to make their eLearning more engaging and interactive. Learning games and interactions are just a couple of many ways to do this.

















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