The learning management system industry is scattered with various companies retrofitting legacy solutions to make their provided LMS appear more user friendly or putting “social” entries onto existing platforms as a means of “collaborating”.
In addition to evaluating functionality, the user interface should also be taken into consideration when looking for a good learning management system.
Importance of LMS User Interface 2UI should not only be appealing but also easy to use.
Flashy interface can only do you so much. The ultimate goal with any piece of software is an intuitive experience. If your design doesn’t help with that goal, then it’s not doing the best job. Users should be able to understand the visual language of the program without being taught how. A couple of minutes in using the system, the meaning of the icons and navigation should be natural. Fortunately, this can be quite easy to test. Just access a learning management system for the first time and if they system is accessible, you’ll know it.
“Social” is a different beast
In the LMS field, “social” is a very misunderstood concept. Most of the time, “social” is branded as a feature, function or place where users can interact or collaborate. However, social should be a kind of language instead of a feature set. For example, if a learning management system draws on the same language of a popular social system like Facebook, they can use the system without having being trained on how to use the system.
Importance of LMS User Interface 1Keeping the identity of your brand
Your company has its own feel and brand. The software used should also incorporate this. Your LMS should represent this brand with colors and imagery. The learning management system used internally should have the same feel as if you’re engaging with your customer. Internal marketing campaigns and communications should be designed to excite staff members to learn and grow.
At the end of the day, the UI should speak for itself. You’re a user too so you can also evaluate the LMS you’re going to use. Request a guest account and show yourself around. You’ll know within minutes if the UI used works since the technology will fade and you’ll start focusing on learning instead of messing around the UI. This is the experience that any LMS should aspire too.
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