Moodle is a free and open source software which means that you can get it for free and do almost anything you want with it. You just have to maintain the same free and open licensing with any modifications you do to the software. Any teaching ideas, courses, et al. that you develop in Moodle will be yours so you can decide to copyright, license, share or sell it. Web based training has never been easier with the use of Moodle.
This simple Moodle tutorial will help you get started with your own web based training or learning.
What You Need
If you have no experience with Moodle, don’t fret. Moodle is one of the simplest and most user friendly systems you could ever work with. No prior knowledge is needed. You can also easily search the web for specific Moodle tutorial guides since this software is widely used.
The first thing you absolutely need is a hosting package. Hosting is basically a place where you put your Moodle. All hosting packages do one thing, store our files for us. Make sure that your hosting solutions offers support for PHP because Moodle was wrote in it. This should be not hard to find, as a matter of fact, ACP offers Moodle provisioning services that can configure and customize your Moodle.
Another you will need is support for a database. MySQL database is the specific database support we need. Once you get a hosting package with PHP and MySQL, it’s all smooth sailing from there.
Customizing Moodle
Moodle is like a Lego in a way that it is modular and can be customized to fit your liking. Various plugins are available to fit your desired web based training or learning.
Some examples of the plugins include a translation tool that can easily convert text to language you prefer. There is also a map module that can let your students to interact with a dynamic map that allows markers to be added. This is useful for slowing students to show holiday destinations or marking geographical war zones to be used in class. Various Moodle provisioning services can help you choose and make your own plugins if needed.
ACP offers Moodle provisioning services if you want easy and hassle free setup of your system. If you’re having a hard time following this Moodle tutorial and just was an easy installation, click here for more details.