Your website is your image in the virtual world. Customers get first-hand information about you online. This is where they validate or check whether they will buy from you or acquire your service. It can help you build a credibility and presence online so that your customers and stakeholders can reach you.
Some entrepreneurs thought that online success is when you already created website, completed the content and went live. They are missing the key factor in attracting new customers and keeping loyal ones. An Up-to-date website is an essential factor which helps you communicate to your market.
Just recently, a Chinese restaurant located in USA is in conflict with a Harvard professor for having a miscommunication in the website content. According to Boston Magazine, the Harvard professor paid slightly higher than what he ordered online due to an outdated menu in the restaurant’s website. The professor is thinking to do legal actions on this since he and the owner did not have an agreement how to settle the matter.
Avoid this kind of trouble by keeping your website updated. Do not disappoint your customer through your contents online. This is where they base their decisions in purchasing products. Disappointed customers may affect you a lot in terms of brand image. They would most probably not consider you anymore, tell this bad experience to the public or take legal actions.
Aside from avoiding complaints there are more advantages in keeping your website updated. Through an updated website, customers can find you easily via search engines. Before customers know about your website, usually they go through search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc to look for information about you. Do not neglect your website because it will make you fall down the search engine rankings thus, reducing your presence online.
Let your customers know that your business is growing and active by changing or adding content to your website. Recent news or blogs every month or week is better to let them know that you are constantly updating. Outdated information from years ago can make your customers to think that your company does not do anything for the past months or years or worse, they might think that you’re already out of business. In addition contents that are relevant to the season can let your customers know that you are updated with the trends.
Being online is essential especially with the tech-savvy market today. But being updated is also important for us to get their interest and to stay relevant to them. After all, customer’s satisfaction is part of every business’ goal.