ergonomics 1
The term “ergonomics” has been trending as of late. Ergonomics is the study of the relation between people and equipment that fits the human body naturally. It aims to prevent strains and accidents on the body. Companies and schools that use this to their advantage find that it reduces stress and increases productivity. This also improves their attitudes towards their job as they feel better and happier.
Good ergonomics can have positive effects to your body. In an ergonomic environment, the person doesn’t need to adapt to the surroundings since it’s already made to work with the human body organically.
ergonomics 2The most basic example of ergonomics in application is via a typical desk job. Laptops and computers are now at the eye level appropriate for users. Chairs have wheels on them so optimum viewing distance can be achieved. They also have leverage to move up or down to provide proper distance to the floor. Note that each of these things does not involve the user adjusting to his environment but rather the environment adjusting to the user.
Poor ergonomics can lead to a number of serious physical problems. The most talked-about physical problem resulting from bad ergonomics is MSD or musculoskeletal disorder. MSD develops over a long period of time. It affects nerves, tendons, tendon sheaths and muscles specifically in the arms, hands and wrists. This problem is also commonly called “repetitive motion syndrome” since repetitive motion is the major cause of this problem. Other causes include forced exertion and awkward positions or movements.
The most common MSD is carpal tunnel syndrome. The carpal tunnel is found in the wrist and serves as a passageway. When this nerve gets pinched, it can cause pain in the hand, wrist and even the arm. This can lead to permanent nerve damage and even partial analysis.
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