More often than not, in the IT industry or any industry, we are working with teams that have their own culture, beliefs, work experience, thinking and even emotional states. With this, we learn how to flex and adjust with different behaviors and also know our own strengths and weaknesses.
In teams, there are people who are made and born to stand up, spearhead the team and be a good example to his members – leaders. A real leader is someone who leads and protects the interest of his team and the head to think about the ideas that can turn out good for the company or organization.
Great leaders are focused on the most important not just the urgent ones. True enough, great leaders just think simply.
They are more realistic, they are more focused on what is there to be set upon and they are looking at everything in a positive light. Great leaders are concern about resources and most especially with his people.
A good leader might be followed by some but a great one is followed by many, trusted by the majority and respected by the whole organization.
Great leaders think simply and they are after to achieving all the goals they have set in the most realistic manner.
Here are some of the principles of a great leader:
Focused: Results
Great leader focused more on the results. They are concern more about the outcome of a certain task – they think simply by not meddling on how things are get done, as long as its legal and its right, they are okay with it.
They reward people
Great leaders thank and reward people for a good results. They are the ones who congratulate them, encourage them to do more of that excellence and reward them for a great thing that has been done.
As much as the member look up to their leaders, leaders shall not look down to them; just up. Remember, respect is not to be imposed but it is earned.
They let people do their job
Great leaders trust their members or people. They let them do their own thing, they let them shine through every obstacles, and they let them learn how to get things done with their own formulated strategy. But, even if they let their people do the job they are still very open in helping them out. Great leaders don’t meddle, they help.
Great leaders think really simple and from there build good strategies that can help the organization to achieve its goals. They care about their people and they nurture them to be the next leaders.