Imagine you’ll be meeting someone new. First impression you see is that she’s a looker. Beautiful face and body, pleasing smile. In physical appearance alone you are already attracted. However, the moment she started to talk you instantly lost interest. She’s repetitive, only thinks about herself and doesn’t give you a chance to enter the conversation.
This is your website if it’s all glitz and glamour without substance. Despite having a good physical impression, you will always drift away because of the content. You can load your website with amazing graphics and attractive charts but at the end of the day, content will trump all of that.
Design is Not the Endgame
Your website is just part of your marketing collateral. Don’t treat it inside a vacuum but rather as a part of your marketing plan. A web development company should ask a client its purpose for creating a website. Is it for consumer feedback? Products and services promotion? Having a very well thought design is good and all but remember that website management via your marketing is top priority.
Figure out who you want to reach first then focus on the design next. Various beautiful designs translate differently to various consumers. A design with the target market in mind will work a lot better.
Not Your Personal Site
Don’t base your website on your preference. Your target market will definitely have different tastes and personality (unless you think yourself as part of your market). You will be in direct contact with the web development company, you’ll be giving them the concept and ideas but keep in mind your target market and not your personal style. If you’re target market are babies, expect to use a lot of pastel blues and pink despite your personal abhorrence toward that color.
Website Management
Maintaining a website is going to be hard work. Your great design will crumble if you don’t handle the website properly. Some business owners don’t have the capacity and time to update their own site. As a result, consistency is sacrificed resulting in a messy website. The initial design plan is undermined by various website updates that are not in line with the marketing plan. Website management can be outsourced and is preferred if you don’t have a dedicated team working for your site. ACP can help you with various web services, click here for more information.