What is Learning Management System?
Learning Management System (LMS) is a software application that supports the administration, tracking, documentation, reporting, posting and delivery of e-learning education courses, its collaterals and training programs.
Educational Institutions and companies make use of the Learning Management System to deliver online courses and studies, online corporate training as well as keeping track of records and other internal documentation.
The Purpose of Learning Management System
Learning Management System (LMS) sets to understand systematic nature of the new generation’s learning processes.
It focuses on:
• Self-guided services and processes
• Delivering learning content, new learning processes and training manuals in a quick manner
• Personalize content
• Supporting accessibility and time management
Learning Management System (LMS) handles learning processes and manage to deliver institutional content and evaluate training and all organizational mission and vision, progress and achieved goals of the whole organization.
The Functionality of Learning Management System
Aside from the purpose of Learning Management System, it is important also to enumerate its functionality for a more distinct information and understanding, and here are as follows:
• Program Content Delivery
• Online Training Management
• Content Record Management
• Curriculum Administration
• Accomplishment and Competencies Administration
• Individual Advancement System
The given functionalities are just some parts of the more tasks and objectives of the Learning Management System. As you go on with the whole functional system, you will soon discover more the things that the Learning Management System has to offer.
Learning Management System and the Digital Environment
The Digital Environment plays a great for every businesses and individuals in the present and future time. It connects us with the different easy processes of online interaction, truly make our work a lot easier, and help us manage and work on our time and promote accessibility.
On the digital environment, it allows users like us to point out and make use of our resources and indeed provide time bound activities, guides and new learning. Learning Management System is one of the many new evolving way of learning the generation has today.
Businesses on the other hand, do understand and need to understand more that the digital environment or the online sphere is not just focusing on the technology but on attention, where the market is the center of branding and generation.
Same goes with the Learning Management System, whilst promoting the convenience, accessibility and all other special supports that the system has to offer, its main focus are still delivering unsurpassed services that can help organizations and institutions internally and externally.
The Promise
“At ACP, we are the leading provider of Learning Management System (LMS)/ E-Learning. ACP’s solutions have been proven to promote the success of multiple organizations, companies and ministries that have engaged in our service. So far, we are successfully hosting and maintaining more than 500,000 active accounts in APAC but nevertheless, we will continue to grow and expand in effortlessly to provide solutions that serve all your needs.”