This month, Housing and Development Board will be launching the prices of the first smart homes. It will start from as low as $28,000 for two-bedroom flats including grants. Prices with grants for three –, four –, and five-room flats starts at $132,000, $249,000 and $354,000 respectively. 1, 402 units at Punggol’s Northshore District and Northshore Residences I and II are expected to be completed in 2020.
Homeowners will have the option of installing systems that can monitor their energy-consumptions. It will have advance systems like energy-efficient lighting, environmental modelling, smart car park management and pneumatic waste system.
Here are some of what to expect on the smart community:
Environmental modelling will help planners to identify potential places where greenery could be introduced. This is to achieve low ambient temperature, locate well-shaded place for outdoor amenities like playgrounds and fitness corners, and optimal locations for future installation of solar panels.
Smart Car Park Management System will help reduce the short-term parking visitors in the evening to ensure sufficient lots are reserved for residents. It is programmed to make available parking lots for visitors during non-peak hours.
Smart Fans in the Neighbourhood Centre will be activated and adjusted to improve the thermal comfort level and at the same time ensuring optimal energy usage. It will be regulated in response to the wind speed, temperature, and human traffic.
Smart Pneumatic Waste Conveyance System will help optimise the deployment of resources needed for waste collection. It will manage waste disposal and the recycling patterns.
Smart Lighting in common areas will be controlled by sensors. It will also be equipped with predicative data analytics tools for analysing human traffic patterns. If it was detected that there is little or no human traffic in a common area then lighting could be reduced to 30 per cent.
Smart Irrigation will further maintain greenery and landscapes by being less labour-intensive and water-efficient. It uses moisture sensors and considers various factors that can affect the amount of water retained in the soil.
Smart-enabled homes will be equipped with additional power and data points to support easy installation of smart systems within their units.
With these smart technologies around the community, residents will be able to experience more convenience. This will also help in saving energy. Through these advancements, we can look forward for a better nation to play, work and live in.
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