Technology allows us to be more mobile than ever before. So why do we keep sitting around? Ergotron is rethinking the way we design our environments, for more flexibility, greater collaboration and opportunities to move more

  1. Ergotron’s broad portfolio of products can be an essential part of the technology platform that supports dynamic learning environments.
  2. Traditional offices have a “one-size-fits-all” approach, but our mounts and adjustable desks adapt each space to the individual worker.
  3. Designed for your ever-changing workflows, our comprehensive portfolio of medical wall mounts, carts, desk mounts and service is ready to support your entire facility.

With ACP as an authorized reseller of Ergotron systems in Singapore and the Philippines, you can be assured that we have the right ergonomic solution for you!

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With over 30 years of experience in creating ergonomic solutions for computer users worldwide, and over 20 years in healthcare alone, Ergotron is uniquely qualified to help you configure options and design workstations that fit the workflow throughout the entire facility.

Supporting care everywhere

Ergotron can help your clinic, physician office or hospital improve electronic medical records access: StyleView carts are designed for nurses to expand the reach of care; computer wall mount systems fit most any space, enhancing workflow and caregiving.

The adjustable office

Create ergonomic spaces for better health and productivity. With monitor mounts and adjustable computer furniture, anyone can place a screen where it’s needed. Realize measurable ROI while improving wellness and working satisfaction.

Empowering smart learning

Ergotron offers platforms to transform classrooms into physically active and digitally connected learning spaces. Manage your school’s technology with charging carts and cabinets; get students active and healthy with mobile standing desks.