Creativity is the ability to think of ideas or alternatives that may be useful in solving problems, communicating and entertaining others. It is developed by nurturing intellectual curiosity and having an engaging environment. To make learning fun and to develop students’ skills, encourage creativity in any way possible. Developing their creativity is as important as developing their analytical skills.
Promoting creativity is another way in having a great impact to student’s character and skills development. It can help students to think out of the box, innovate, and makes learning more enjoyable. There are simple ways to enhance student’s creativity:
Provide an Enriching Environment
Make a learning environment which vibrant, bright and includes inspiring objects. This will enable students stimulate their imagination. Displaying items related to the lessons makes them curious about the object thus, nurtures their critical thinking. A vibrant environment also encourages lively and more creative ideas based from what they see.
Engage students to collaborative activities like brainstorming. In this way, they can practice problem solving and decision-making which is very essential in enhancing their creative skills. Through brainstorming, they will be able to share fresh ideas that they think might be very helpful for the task. Discussions will also allow them to have better thoughts.
Value questions and ideas
Entertain questions from students. Asking question is one sign that they are interested to learn more about the subject. Appreciate sensible ideas from the students. This will boost their confidence in sharing more ideas they have in mind. In addition, clarifying their questions enables them to think of better concept.
Allow failure
When students have incorrect answers, give them tips that will lead them to successfully understanding the lesson. Remind them of the knowledge that they have learned from it. Encourage them to learn from their mistakes rather than being ashamed of having the wrong answer. Help them cope with failure or disappointment. It will encourage them to creatively solve the problem or look for an alternative solution.
Incorporate technology
Students were entertained with the availability of technology today. Make use of it to increase the enthusiasm they have in class. Also, it will nurture their curiosity in learning how to use the learning portals or tools. Choose interactive programs that will enable them to share their thoughts and ideas. It will also be more helpful if you can generate assessments from their works as well. This will give you more ways in boosting their creativity.