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Resize and reshape illustration files.


Use backgrounds, lifestyle shots, and more.

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Find the perfect tunes for your course.

Sound FX

Boom, clash, bang, and more.


Get high-quality footage with no hassle.

Motion Graphics

Customize After Effects and Motion templates.

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Vector Graphics

High quality vector graphics…eps files included!

Infographics | Devices | Arrows | Buttons | Icons | Word Clouds | Social Media | Search All



Stock photos to use in your internal and external courses. Use them in multiple courses…100% royalty free.

Business | Education | Technology | Financial | Health Care | Engineering | Aviation | Retail | Search All



Bring your courses to life with audio clips. Music, sound effects, and loops.

Sound Effects | Music | Music Loops | Search All



Video rocks! Access video footage and motion graphics. Adobe After Effects and Apple Motion files included!

After Effects | Flames | Abstract | Time Lapse | Technology | Buildings  Search All


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