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Mobile, relevant, personalized and self-paced content coverage at point of need are the things learners want. Unfortunately, in traditional classroom courses, learning is often very different and tends to disappoint. So e-learning comes along and meets all those requirements.

ACP offers three great e-learning solutions

Delve right into picking up new skills through e-learning with LOOP.sg, ACP’s online learning portal that harness the power of online practice labs, certification assessments, and more! Content suitable for both individuals and organizations.

Develop your own e-learning content with ACP’s great range of e-learning authoring tools, including the best-selling Articulate and Lectora development tools, or take your development online with millions of E-Learning templates from eLearning Brothers.

With 20 years of experience in content development, ACP has developed into an all-rounded service gamut in the e-learning sphere that covers the complete spectrum of online learning and knowledge sharing.

Let ACP guide you to the best way to apply e-learning in your life!

Content We Create: There are many steps in developing elearning content that’s easy to understand and effective. Every project needs a road map, regardless its subject, size or budget. Working with ACP allows you to skip these crucial steps as we manage these tough challenges for you!

Content You Create: At times, learning content and development can only be done in-house by your own organization’s trainers or even yourself. This could be due to confidential or sensitive information, or perhaps just some specific terms or nuances that may not be understood by other content developers.

Ready-Made Content: Want more out of our elearning content? ACP also offers our LOOP.sg course bundles. Get even more for less! With up to 10 courses in a bundle, you’ll get the best offer available when it comes to elearning content that’s simple to pick up but challenging to master.