E-learning companies such as ACP have been the forefront in pushing and revolutionizing learning. This was not always the case though. Learning was usually associated with schools and academic scholars. However, the introduction of interconnectivity via the internet has allowed learning to move beyond the enclosed walls of our academe.
There was a time where learning was done through pure experience only. As Aristotle once said, “For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them”. Some might argue that his is the best kind of learning. However, not everyone has a chance to learn through this method. Even today’s schools don’t fully teach by experience. Students mostly learn by reading textbooks and testing the knowledge they retained through exams and quizzes.  Fortunately, this method works and has been in use for quite some time now.
With the introduction of the World Wide Web, many conventions were shaken. News was spread digitally faster than ever and shopping was possible by just clicking your mouse. Learning is also currently undergoing an upgrade of some sort because of the internet. E-learning is slowly getting accepted as a primary source of education and a variety of online training software, thanks to e-learning companies, is popping up global usage.
Online learning or e-learning, as other might prefer to name it, is a meeting of technology and pedagogy, the science and art of education. It still uses many of the tried and tested formulas of educators but mixes it with the technological advancements of the internet. This results in a more efficient and flexible learning schedule for the students and the educators.

For many children who find attending school difficult whether through illness, special needs, bullying or simply those who require flexibility, the continued growth of online schools could be a world of help. Online schools are the future of education and they should be encouraged.
E-learning companies such as ACP have followed suit in regards to online learning. We have online training software that can be used in a school environment or in corporate. Our online training software can be used in engaging students and parents in school and, leadership training for a corporate’s office use. Learning used to be confined in the four walls of a school. Now it is beyond schools and reaching everyone.