E-Learning as currently practiced by many of the education and training providers and that caters to a larger market these days on a global perspective, has more demand than it was first launched or been used.
E-Learning plays a great role and provides opportunities to distance learners to fulfill their dreams and goals of studying in their chosen institution abroad without shelling out too much money and maximizing their resources. E-Learning is effective, motivating, engaging and thus practices the advanced platform with the help of the updated technology.
Due to this demand, E-Learning providers are working on from Good to GREAT. Giving the ‘best’ is always the objective and being the ‘number one choice’ is part of it, precisely.
Nowadays, E-Learning has been improved and cater to a wider audience and turns out primarily to a global perspective and locally on the secondary. This happens because the demand on the global perspective became higher and it is expansive to the providers.
Good to GREAT is one gradual move that E-Learning has today, providing the best service for the learners to deliver the knowledge and the experience that is promised.
ACP has become one of these providers that engaged in providing the greatest E-Learning solutions that has the best-in-class E-Learning platform in the market today that Singapore has to offer. ACP and the collaborative learning environment aspire and work on providing your students with all the accessibility to not only training materials but also time-tables, assignments and as well as educational resources that allows you to participate in forums and group discussions.
The innovation E-Learning experience has evolved from good to GREAT. It redefines the platform to a strong and dynamic one that allows students to connect, learn and share knowledge anytime and anywhere.
ACP practices and promotes the unsurpassed services that has topped and the main choice for E-Learning solution in Singapore:

  • Differentiated Learning
  • Change Management
  • Best of Breed Partners
  • Social and Collaborative Environment
  • Best-in-Class Tools
  • Reliable Connectivity
  • Partnership with SingTel

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