One of the growing problems in the Asia-Pacific region is the increasing number of Cybercrime cases. It started with email scams and is now shifting to media scams. Result from the Symantec Internet Security Threat Report reveals that Singapore is among the countries with the most number of digital extortions.

Whatever the size of your business you should protect your systems, social accounts and websites from these kinds of digital threats. Nowadays, extortion comes in many ways. It might be in the form of a text message, phone call or email. One of the most common types of digital extortion is email extortion. Usually, hackers threaten system owners that they will publish or put in public important information or confidential files if they do not get what they want. Another type of cybercrime in Singapore is the “ransomware” which restricts access to the infected computer system and demands money to the owners for them to regain access.
Social media scams also exist in different types. Scammers pretending to be your friend in your social media account can use your online identity to create another fake account to target your friend list as their victims. They can also send malicious confirmation or verification emails supposedly from a social media to access your username and password and pose as you. Once scammers have access to your account, they can send bogus messages or email to your friends or relative asking for money or some confidential information about you or your business.
Singapore government acknowledged that there is a need to leverage with the latest technologies to fight for cybercrime. With the recent security operation by INTERPOL’s Global Complex for Innovation (IGCI) in Singapore, they have arrested fugitives attempting to travel in countries included in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).
They conducted more than 500,000 searches on passport in Stolen and Lost Travel Documents database and identified two persons that are included in the wanted person of INTERPOL Red Notices.
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