Creating a digital marketing strategy is a vital part of business’ success. It allows your business to have the competitive advantage in today’s tech-savvy consumers. The internet serves as the main source of information of the consumers. This is where they get to know what products to buy, what services are available and which company to choose. Therefore, whatever the size of your company, may it be a big corporation or SMEs it is important that you leverage the connection between you and your consumer both in the real and virtual world.
With too much information available in the web today, it is difficult to get the attention of your target market. It is even harder since you are up against larger companies who are greatly funded for their marketing activities. That is why SMEs with tight budget should plan their digital marketing strategies carefully. Here are some tips:
Identify your target market  
By identifying your target market you will be able to specify the type of communication tools that is right for them. This will also determine where to place your contents online. Although we want to have a wider audience, it is more important to target the audience who will most likely buy your product or acquire for your services.
Create a Social Media Accounts
This is the most basic step in introducing your business into the digital world. As consumers have their access to social media every day, they are more likely to get information in this channel. Create accounts to popular networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. It would be great if you post relatable contents rather than doing a hard sell. This will enable your customers to be engaged in your posts they find relatable. You should always include a call to action in your posts like asking your consumers to follow you, subscribe to your channel or know more about your business.
Get featured in blogs
This is a good alternative on magazine features. You could offer the blogger a small amount or free product from your company in return for a blog feature. A good review on your product or service can entice the consumer to try your products as well. You can also suggest topics that you think would be helpful for the readers.
Build a strong web presence
Aside from having social media pages and being featured in blogs, it is important to have your own website. It might sound costly and difficult but actually it is not. ACP can help you customize a comprehensive website that suites your business type. A website establishes credibility on your business. This will be able you to connect to your target market 24/7 through its e-commerce features and other customer relationship management functions.
It is essential that you build your presence online. It will give you the channel to reach your target market without having to spend too much.