One of the things the e-learning communities often fail to notice that is very beneficial is content. It is the most important aspect since if you do not have content, what do you have? Social and mobile learning, assessment tools, video learning and other components of e-learning is useless without content.
Having poor content is better than no content. However, this is not a legitimate reason to have poor content. if content is king, having poor content will result in the downward spiral of your kingdom – your e-learning platform. If you notice a negative performance on your e-learning platform, take a look at your content.
Content is one item that users and developers can easily check and say a positive thing about. You get the picture when you look at it. Since content and the form it takes, whether attention, attraction and usage of it, will make or break how well your learning management system is used.
No matter how many features you have with your system, and no matter what gimmicks are included to entice learners to into your system and stay, if your content is not good enough to capture their attention, your effort is all wasted.
Keep Them in Your Castle
Most LMS make it mandatory for people to finish a certain course. This assumes that content is grand and people will stay longer in the system. This is false. The same goes for social and mobile features drawing learners and students because of the appeal.
It’s not enough to have a catalog of courses people are required to finish. It’s not enough to have assignments for learners. It’s not enough to have gimmicks.
Of course, learners will take the course since it is mandatory but what happens after that? I doubt they will stay around to further explore your LMS in a long-term sense.
Give your learners freedom so they stick around. Whether it’s a video or not, static or not, engaging or not, look at the course content itself. Do you have content that is beyond your mandatory or required? Do you have content that goes beyond workplace related? Do you have content that goes beyond safety?
Focus on the content and give your learners choice. That’s how you make content king.
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