Nowadays, people heavily rely on the Internet to gather information and search for the things they need. That is why, it is very essential for the businesses to have their online presence through a comprehensive website. This is an efficient approach for them to reach the internet-savvy customers of today.
With the increasing demand of having a strong online presence, businesses will have to step it up and have the advantage over their competitors. It can be possible by having a well-designed and updated website. This is the major reason why CMS development is needed for content management of business websites.
CMS stands for Content Management System. It is a web management tool that enables users to seamlessly manage their web contents. Through CMS, you will be able to create, edit, review and publish contents such as audio, images, text, and video in just one platform. CMS is very easy to use especially for non-technical users.
ACP knows that businesses need to have a strong online presence but they also need to increase their productivity in every business initiatives that they will do. That is why, our CMS package can help you to manage your online data easily and increase your productivity at the same time through the following features:
Easy to use – You do not need technical skills to manage your online data. With ACP’s CMS, it is easy as 1-2-3
Interactive Banners – ACP will design up to 3 interactive banners that can help you to have a strong communication tool on your business messages or announcements.
Automated Online Chat Function – This will allow you to reach as many customers as possible by promptly reaching them through an online chat.
Social Media Integration – Have a seamless announcement to your customers by having an automated social media posting in all your accounts. No more double postings!
Newsletter – This allows you to blast emails to all of your subscribers or clients easily.
Mobile Responsive – Your website will automatically adapts the feature of mobile phones for you to reach the mobile market
Cost effective website – Pay only $499 or get it through PIC and ICV grants.
Know more about the benefits and details of our CMS package here.