Good e-Learning courses come in different types and packages, each of which perfectly suits the learner. All of them, however, share notable similarities—universal traits that explain why they are effective and what makes them better than the average. Below is a quick list of traits you definitely should consider for your next project.
Engaging But Not Distracting
Getting learners to focus on your material is difficult, no thanks to the amount of information on the web you can get lost into. Efficient course developers make focusing with the material easier by making it fun and engaging. Instead of fussing over interactive and flashy elements, they prioritize active learning by placing students in charge of their lessons.
Useful and Simple
Simplicity and usefulness are basic elements of the “it just works” principle. When you a product that doesn’t need a manual for the user, you’ve made gold.
Don’t underestimate the power of keeping things simple and useful. Instead of trying to accomplish a lot of complicated work and do things poorly in the end, concentrate your efforts to one or two essential stuff.
Relevant and Meaningful
Learners may appreciate lofty theories but they need to understand first how your course can benefit them. You have to design courses that affect how learners choose or decide on their personal or professional lives. Show them the relevance of the course via showing real life implications.
Polished, from Start to Finish
With good courses, every section is consistently polished. Quality is never compromised. The entire course is a work of a craftsman who delivers a consistent learning experience through ruthless editing, revising and polishing.