Next year, ACP will mark its 18th year in the business and we are very privileged to celebrate it together with the commemoration of Singapore’s 50th year of independence. This will be a double celebration of achievements and progress not just in ACP but as well as in our nation.
This is a significant milestone for ACP to reflect on how far we’ve evolve as an ICT service provider focusing only to trainings into having a comprehensive and extensive range of ICT Solutions and Education.
Today, ACP is the leading provider of Learning Management System – LMS, e-Learning, IT, ICT solutions. We have been acknowledged for our excellent business operation system, healthy working environment, and for providing reliable service to our customers throughout the years.
As we move forward to more years of innovation and success, we will continue to give you solutions that will address your needs. So join us as we celebrate  starting today until the upcoming new year!