Creative skills like copywriting or graphic design are usually taught on a face-to-face basis. However, using e-learning can also be appropriate.
Controlled Learning Pace
In a traditional learning environment, the instructor mostly controls the course speed. If you ask the instructor for more time, you’ll probably hold up the entire class’ progress. This kind of environment discourages students from clarifying confusion which would further their own understanding of the subject. A limited timeframe doesn’t really spark imagination and creativity.
In an e-learning environment, you can learnt at your own pace and even stop to revisit more challenging concepts as needed. Some parts of the subject may come easily to others, but a few may require a bit more practice. Using e-learning gives you time and doesn’t affect other learners.
Own Learning Style
Each student has a preferred learning style. Most educators agree to this but cannot fully execute as they are limited by time. As a result, the vast majority of in-person classes are still geared towards a lecture format.
With e-learning, you can complement your learning style. Whether you prefer to write notes, watch videos, or listed to audio, you’re free to learn the exact model and method that works best for you.
In traditional learning, demonstrating your understanding of the material is done in a public setting. A teacher can call you at random, forcing you to participate whether you are comfortable or not.
E-learning gives the option to determine when and how to implement what they learn. If you pick up skills fairly quickly, you may opt to begin using it before the course is even over.
On the other hand, if you need more than, you can opt to show your understanding when you’ve completed the course or even after you’ve gone through the course a few times.
More Focus
Teachers in a traditional setting control what they teach. So if a student wants to learn more about the subject at hand, they cant.
In e-learning, this is quite easy. The student can just pause the course and then open a new tab on their browser to begin searching.
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