The government together with the Ministry of Education is already providing support for enrichment activities and learning resources for the students. For over the years, they had given students a holistic development towards their learning journey through different initiatives. During DPM Tharman Shanmugaratnam’s speech regarding Singapore 2015 Budget, he laid out some of the allocations that will be beneficial for the students. We already knew some of the important benefits of the SG 2015 budget for companies. Now, let us focus on what the students will enjoy on the 2015 budget.
Free National Examination for government-funded schools. The fee from Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) which is conducted in Singapore annually by the end of year and other national exams which includes the GCE N-, O- and A-Levels will be waived by the government. Through this, the students will save up to $900. In addition, students who are studying full-time in institutes of technical education and polytechnics will also enjoy free examinations.
Edusave top-ups. Edusave Scheme was applied since 1993 used for maximising the opportunities of the students in MOE-funded schools by giving support for both academic and non-academic activities of the students. In 2014, Edusave extended its eligibility to Singaporean children aged 7 to 16, including non-MOE funded schools.
As mentioned in SG 2015 budget, there will be a top-up of $150 for Edusave accounts for Singaporean children aged 7 to 16. This is an additional fund on top of the annual contributions they have. From $200, primary students will be able to receive $350. And from $240, secondary students will now receive $390.
Transport Cost will be subsidised. There will be an enhancement on the Ministry of Education’s Financial Assistance Scheme as mentioned in the SG Budget 2015. MOE provides financial assistance to needy Singapore Citizen students. It provides subsidy for students with families who belong to lower and middle-income. On the amended scheme, it will now cover the transport costs for students by at least half.  In addition, groups that are helping children from families in need will get a total of $6 million grant for two years.
SkillsFuture programme. Next year, the government will introduce this programme for individuals aged 25 and above. This aims to support professional development courses. Students on the other hand will have a more systematic education and career guidance from secondary level and beyond. They will be informed on their career choices through its pre and post-employment initiatives. They will also experience enhanced internships, individual learning portfolio and more opportunities for ITE, polytechnic, and university students to work and study overseas.
These programs and schemes will be able to help the students to enhance their knowledge and skills. They will be empowered towards living in the future. As early as possible, we can enrol them to trainings and courses which can equip them to live in our future Smart Nation. Know more about our Smart Nation- ICT courses here.