Our training expertise was brought over to the Philippines this week as our team dropped by to conduct a series of training sessions for Articulate Storyline 2
eLearning is playing an increasingly important role in many private and public organisations, and is now part of the mainstream development in higher education. As eLearning has become a more feasible and cost-effective method in the delivery of training or learning courses, there remain major tensions however, in what we as educators can provide to our learners.
This 3-day hands-on workshop brings you Articulate Storyline 2 Training which will enable you with the skills on how to use this powerful and innovative tool to create self-paced, engaging, and highly interactive training or learning courses with simplicity. You are also guided through the development of rapid eLearning content via a highly interactive workshop, allowing you to experience the simplicity, flexibility, and power of Articulate Storyline 2.
To find out more and to sign up for our Articulate Training Workshop in the Philippines, visit https://www.acpcomputer.com/articulate-storyline-2-workshop/