Tablets are becoming more popular among consumers than smartphones when it comes to online shopping. According to the 2013 E-Commerce Index from Rakuten Singapore, tablet usage has grown 41.9% whereas smartphones has grown only 9.7%. This shows that the purchasing habit of customers are changing and is more inclined with the digital channels such as tablet and smartphones.
In an article posted on SME Magazine, Shingo Okamoto, Head of E-commerce for Rakuten Singapore, said: “We’re continuing to see a shift in how consumers interact with retailers through digital channels. Just four years after the launch of Apple’s iPad, tablets are fast-becoming the most popular device for shopping online. With tablet’s larger displays offering a more enjoyable experience than most smartphones, it seems bigger is better, however many retailers are failing to measure up when optimising their online presence and apps. Retailers are missing a trick by not tapping into this trend and delivering a tablet-orientated experience to shoppers.”
With this current trend, it is really vital for business owners to reach both the mobile and tablet users. They can do this by building web presence through the social media platforms and more importantly by having a mobile-ready website. Creating a website is just a step into reaching your target market. A mobile-ready website will allow your customers to browse your website within the features of their mobile phones and/ or tablets. It gives your customers the convenience in scanning and purchasing your products through their digital gadgets anytime they want.
Building online presence does not end by simply putting up a website or social media accounts, business owners need to update it regularly. You should make sure that the contents are managed accordingly to meet your customers’ needs. Most of the mobile and tablet users heavily rely online to acquire information. That is why it is important that you have a comprehensive and cohesive content in your website and your social media accounts. Good thing that there are available website builders that can integrate your social media platforms into your website. Through this feature, you do not need to double post any messages from your website and in social media.
Businesses should keep up with the changing purchasing habit of the tech-savvy market today. Through a mobile-ready website, you can reach your target market easily and effectively. Furthermore, updating your website regularly is very essential to be relevant with the current trends. With a strong online presence, you can increase your productivity and as well as your profitability.
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