Small and medium-sized enterprises faced different challenges due to their limited resources. With the increasingly competitive market today, SMEs need to keep up with their business management, customer acquisition and retention, and marketing strategies. They often struggle to incorporate developments in information and communication technologies in their workflow, encounter difficulties finding qualified employees, and finance management.
The market’s purchasing behaviour and the way they gather information constantly changes. Today, the customers / consumers heavily rely on the internet to gather information about the products they need. Sometimes they also purchase items online. That is why web presence is really important so that potential customers can find you. To be able to do this, SMEs should not only create social media accounts but more importantly they should create their own website. This will give them the credibility online.
SMEs should also maximise ICT capabilities. Aside from having their own website, an e-learning platform will be a great help for them. Learning management system enables them to have a single platform for learning and sharing knowledge to their employees. Since this is an online portal, their employees can have easier access to information anytime and anywhere they want.
The struggle in finding highly skilled employees is not new in SMEs. Good thing there is training. Training can enhance the skills and knowledge of an individual. It can help their employees reach their full potential. Moreover, online training can help their employees to learn in the most convenient time they are available. They need not to leave their work for training. In addition, training can make employees to be more productive in every task they do. Instead of trying hard to find highly skilled employees, why not try to find employee with great potential and is willing to learn continuously.
Proper investment is important in order to have a good financial management. In owning a website, business owners should choose a service provider that can customise their website the way their business requires. They should also choose suitable training courses for their type of business to avoid wastage of time and effort. More importantly, they should choose a service provider that is reliable and can address their needs accordingly. Know more on how to address business challenges through ACP’s E-Solutions.