The Newest in e-Learning Authoring

SINGAPORE – ACP Computer Training & Consultancy Pte. Ltd. is hyped to introduce an empowered authoring tool with its newest Courseware Authoring partner. The Authoring tool is set to revolutionize the way contents are created and managed and thus allow real-time collaboration and deliver rich development features even without the presence and the power of programming.


ACP’s newest Authoring Tool partner focuses on the authoring segment of the e-Learning market creating a new wave far from the usual e-Learning tools. It introduces a brand new group-ware platform approach that makes the course development process customizable and managed in a centralized workgroup environment.

It also focuses on the freedom of platforms to create wonderful content for the learners – quizzes, game-based activities, news, etc. all by just easily pointing and clicking. It has developed a wealth of experience in various e-Learning fields, rich internet applications and as well as enterprise and business solutions.


The web-based e-Learning authoring system has introduced the following advanced features that offer high flexibility and an abundance of useful characteristics to create and present a top quality e-Learning content.

  • Rich Environment

Full controls over the way elements are appear, set and behave. Authors will never be limited to a set or array of predefined templates or styles.

  • Task Management

A built-in task featured system that helps and assists in streamlining the course development process. It can make tasks be easier for managers and as well as for the trainers, in general who enjoy real-time overview of the development progress using detailed task reports and data that are filtered and sorted to your given categories.

  • Reusability

The Authoring Tool’s object oriented approach provides exceptional control over the efficient reusability of content and its logic. It can have multiple layer control, reusable assets, themes, learning objects, and widgets, as well as comprehensive inheritance – the “build once” approach.

  • High Interactivity

A variety of e-Learning exercises and interactions are set to be offered. Multiple choice of single and multiple correct answers, unlimited number of choices; Drag and Drop that allows sorting, sequencing, and matching questions; Fill in the blanks; Hot Spots that allows you to create dynamic time-based or event-based scenarios; Hot Words to have easily enhance textual content; Point and click, Surveys and more.

  • Dynamic Navigation

Comes with a variety of elements that can be dropped onto any page or layer, and be customizable without any programming.

  • Powerpoint Integration

The Authoring Tool makes it quick and easy to migrate existing content created in PowerPoint.
It allows you to import all slides or just selected set of slides, resize and position the imported slides on the page, import comments and tasks from the source presentation and edit imported slides and other native content.

  • Effects

Sequencing, adding effects and applying visual transitions are already vital in the newest Authoring Tool.

  • Publish Options

Courses and other contents can be easily published using any of the available delivery methods such as: Web Server, Zip File, SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, Executable Application, and Installation Package

  • Hosted or Installed

The Authoring Tool is available as both on-demand solution hosted on the servers, or as an installed solution on the customer’s servers – ideal for banks, government departments, and other large organizations.

  • Social Authoring

It provides a dashboard where users can see who’s online and what everyone is working on, read and contribute on blogs, as well as communicate and interact with an individual or a group.

  • Rapid Development

It offers a rapid course authoring features without compromising on flexibility and sophistication.

  • Social Learning

It is focused on merging its proven state-of-the-art authoring capabilities with social media, to create true e-Learning 2.0 courses. It empowers authors to take full advantage of social media tools to create learning community around each course.

  • Powerful Assessments

It can support single or multi chapter tests with predetermined or randomly assigned questions and includes a sophisticated grading mechanism that allows assignment of various weights per chapter.

  • Serious Games

The Authoring Tool employs powerful motivational elements such as competition, humor and the satisfaction of winning through applying skills – Mind Games. It also allows games as an extension of assessment, and therefore support all features offered by assessments, including SCORM reporting; All interaction types may be used inside a game.

  • Multimedia

It provides support any media supported by the browser, including GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP, SWF, to name a few. The Media Explorer allows for browsing, tagging, previewing and searching of media in the central repository, a fully customizable universal media player, built-in audio recording and automatic narration synchronization.

  • Tagging

Contents can be tagged for easy searching, filtering and sorting. The dynamic tag creation can allow you to have unlimited number of tags; multiple tags per course, document, task, or media resource; enhanced search by tags and it can be color coded.

  • e-Learning Standards

The Authoring Tool is loud and proud to be a great supporter of e-Learning standards hence SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 and AICC PENS conformant.

  • Multi-Lingual

Courses can be written in any language, including East-Asian and Middle Eastern languages. The user interface itself is available in multiple languages including English, Spanish, French, and Chinese.


The Authoring Tool is robust e-Learning authoring systems that brings new meaning to the term teamwork and definitely create; reuses, collaborate, manage, integrate and publish.

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