The youth are the future. Allowing children to have proper development and upbringing can ultimately determine a child’s future. In ensuring that the children are nurtured well, not only do we help them succeed in life but also create a solid foundation for everyone’s future.

Here at ACP, we value every child’s development. During our retreat on March 2 and 3, we went to Al Jabar Orphanage at Bengkong Laut Batam to donate various items that will help a kid move forward in life. Toys, stationeries, clothes and dry foods are just come of the items ACP brought to the children.

We visited the orphanage to be welcomed by cheerful and active kids. There were around 100 children that can potentially grow up to be our future leaders.

The school was also part of the itinerary. It has the some of the basic necessities of running a school and the donations would definitely help the kids and school. It was a refreshing and inspiring trip that enabled us to see how fortunate we are for having a good educational upbringing.

Being in line with the education industry, ACP is happy to help out the Al Jabar Orphanage in improving the children’s well-being. The trip to the orphanage was heart-warming to say the least. We hope that even in this simple gesture ACP was able to help those who are in need.