Singapore corporations lose approximately $1 billion a year due to data loss and unplanned downtime which results to a slow recovery. While Singapore is ranking high at the latest global data index, local business leaders cannot assert their ability to prevent data lost or to recover after a setback.
Businesses continue to struggle in protecting their finances and as well as their labour due to the lack of business continuity system. There are still many enterprises in Singapore that are not prepared to handle downtime due to disruptive and unplanned incidents. That is why risk management is essential in all businesses. This will enable us to be prepared and manage business continuity anytime. Through this, we can assure our stakeholders and customers that we are a reliable company.
We are very proud to share with you that ACP has proven its resilience in its managing business continuity. We are one of the companies who were able to surpass any disruptions through strategic process. After a thorough assessment, we are recommended for an ISO 22301:2012 or the Business    Continuity Management System certification. The recommendation suggests that we have the ability to continue our operations during adverse conditions demonstrating tactical and seamless business process.
This will certify that ACP is proven to be effective in operating the business even during difficulties or any disruptive incidents. The ISO 22301 covers the requirements for a robust business process which allows that company to minimise risk associated with disruptions and to ensure control at all times. It will enable business to a greater competitiveness and decrease the amount of down time.
ACP decided to enhance its business process as it will help in safeguarding the future of the business. Through improved decision making ability, we were able to have a better understanding on threats in our operations and implement preventive actions. We were able to reduce amount of potential downtime thus, increasing customer retention through increased performance record.  We have improved our workforce competency through enhanced training capabilities and their ability to overcome challenges at work.
We believe that by improving our business continuity management system we will be prepared against any challenges that will come. This will help us in attaining our goals and will make us closer to company’s growth. The ISO 22301:2012 recommendation will serve as an inspiration for us to do better in serving our stakeholders and customers.