A better website doesn’t mean a complete overhaul. A couple of tweaks can make your website pop. Putting a couple of these refinements in action will help with your website’s user engagement.
Below are 6 tips for a better website.
Shrink The Menu
If your navigation bar is filled with more than 10 items, it’s time to clean up. A tidy navigation bar makes things easier to find. When things can be found easily, this can translate to a better experience for your visitors. Furthermore, they’ll be less likely to close the tab since they won’t be frustrated finding what they need.
Call-to-Action Everywhere
Every page of your website must have a goal for your users. This can be to register on your mailing list, answer a survey, watch a video or head to another link. Whatever it is, make sure that the reader knows what he or she is supposed to do. Put something on every page that leads them to the action you want them to accomplish.
Business Hours and Phone Number
Putting your business hours and phone number on your website is simple enough, right? Many website owners don’t remember to put these simple but crucial details on their website. A lot of people visit websites to check for your phone number and operating hours. Whenever you want to put it in your header or footer, the important thing is to actually have it there.
About Us
You consumer is always interested in who you are. When they select a company to do business with, they want to know whom they’ll be working with. Put up an about page and fill it with content that shows you’re human and not a robot. Try to list down hobbies, family life and things you do outside the office.
Be Mobile Friendly
Mobile is top at the moment. There is a good chance that your viewer is coming from a mobile device. It’s going to be a bad experience if your website is not optimized for mobile. Get your team ready to make your mobile experience better of hire a designer ASAP.
The entire online world is on social media. It is just appropriate to create your social media accounts and engage your customers more directly. Get started with a Facebook page or Twitter account and focus on mastering one of them. Then move to the next network.
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