The hottest trends among the web are mobile friendly sites and responsive design – everyone needs to have mobile presence now. From laptops and desktops to tablets and mobile phones, everyone is accessing the Internet primarily on their mobile devices only. As such, you must make use of this market.
When approaching a mobile friendly website, you must keep in mind the limitations of the device accessing the website. A tablet for example can show the full site whereas a smartphone only has limited space. As such, you need to pursue a well-rounded approach and provide a completely different user experience.
Below are some tips that may help you.
Be Concise
The goal of a mobile website is to fetch users what they need as quickly as possible, with least possible swipes, taps and attention required. Remove unnecessary pages or screens. There must be nothing extra in a mobile site.
Keep it Simple
rules of thumb 3
For a mobile friendly site to work, you must keep in mind that simplicity is a requirement. To retain its friendliness, avoid too much content. The user interface will also benefit from a simplified design, layout and navigation. An extra bonus to this is smaller file sizes thus faster loading times.
Too much information on one screen page will intimidate new viewers of your site. Plan the interface and navigation so that any visitor can walk through the pages of your site seamlessly.
Responsive Web Design
Testing your site in a few web browsers and deploying it is not enough nowadays. Utilizing HTML, CSS3 and web fonts will result in a more successful mobile site that can be accessed on any mobile device.
Keep It Short
Compared to physical keyboards, typing long texts in a mobile device can be a pain. You shouldn’t allow too much text input for users. Sign up forms should be short and only require the important details, too many fields reduce user satisfaction and interest.
rules of thumb 2
Amidst all these tips, don’t forget to define your brand. Make sure that your brand is instantly recognizable when you showcase it with logo, colors and style. Incorporate them wisely in to the design without messing the usability and overall feel.