Let ACP build your customized Learning Management System

We offer a wide range of Learning Management System (LMS) support packages (such as Moodle) to choose from depending on your requirements. Besides application maintenance, we provide support for all types of LMS users such as Administrators, Teachers and Students.

Our extensive knowledge base coupled with our client engagement model and customer support portal will ensure support for your LMS on all fronts.

We provide LMS training across all user levels with the option of Onsite or Offsite training for learners. Our training courses are flexible and designed to effectively train the users covering all aspects of utilizing the LMS to the fullest.

With our expertise, let us create content that’s unique to you, for you

There are many steps in developing elearning content that’s easy to understand and effective. Every project needs a road map, regardless its subject, size or budget. Therefore, you’ll want to devote a significant amount of time to create an outline for the eLearning course. This overview should not only include the important topics you need to cover and the modules you’ll need to include, but also a detailed time line of each step involved.

Knowing which eLearning tools you have at your disposal, especially the Learning Management System and the eLearning Authoring Tool, and how to use them to your advantage is all-important.

Working with ACP allows you to skip these crucial steps as we manage these tough challenges for you!

Articulate 360 and Storyline 3, the easiest and fastest authoring tools available today!

At times, learning content and development can only be done in-house by your own organization’s trainers or even yourself. This could be due to confidential or sensitive information, or perhaps just some specific terms or nuances that may not be understood by other content developers.

In order to allow organisations and end users create their own content we offer three powerful tools for content development. Articulate 360, Articulate Storyline 2 and the brand new Articulate Storyline 3!

Professional and Personal Development at your fingertips!

Visit LOOP.sg to explore our carefully curated list of over 400 courses that cover topics ranging from Microsoft Certification courses to AutoCAD design training as well as web development and graphic design courses. Prices start from as low as USD$40!

Want more out of our elearning content? ACP also offers our LOOP.sg course bundles. Get even more for less! With up to 10 courses in a bundle, you’ll get the best offer available when it comes to elearning content that’s simple to pick up but challenging to master.

Explore Loop.sg today, where we have also over 200 SkillsFuture Credit Eligible courses for Singaporeans!

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